Martin Lavin

Vice President of Development BRE#01433193

Martin has been the force behind a number of successful businesses.Including eight years as CEO of RK Inc.,a multi million dollar recreational transportation business.He has set a number of all time WORLD sales records.He also is the creator of LNYHS a client satisfaction system created to keep clients happy vs make them happy after the fact.He brings this same clear,focused commitment to Real Estate.Making a complex experience low key and smooth while infinitely professional,precise and accurate.Martin was born in Coventry England.As a child he played in the ruins of the destruction that had befell that city.Seeing homes in such a state gave him a feel for the fleeting but critical sense of place a home gives to both the mind and the heart.He left on The Queen Mary and arrived awed in New York City.Then to Chicago where his adolescence was spent, and where he gained an appreciation for climatic temperance.Drafted to the Army he spent 2 more years of development at Ft Hood Tx.After returning to Chicago he attended and graduated from N.Illinois University.Brief stays in Washington DC,&Boulder Colorado then reached the ultimate destination of San Francisco.Finally, he was home.

Letter:Martin Lavin is a brilliant businessman, and enthusiastic communicator,inspiring leader and valued colleague.He is also very much “old shoe”–comfortable easy, humble and fun.I’m Confident that he’ll continue to succeed in all his endeavors.By asking a few relevant questions,by listening closely to your replies,Martin gains a wealth of knowledge about your situation and your hopes.He offers seasoned counsel,solid business acumen, and a life long familiarity with the ways of sales & marketing.Spend a few moments in person with Mr Lavin.You will discover that Martin exudes the confidence and competence of an experienced sales and marketing professional.Small wonder, because Mr Lavin has complied an impressive resume of success in the complementary spheres of sales and business management

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